Indian Headdress Fashions and Styles

Watch video on YouTube here: Indian Headdress Fashions and Styles Indian headdress – it conjures up so many thoughts about amazing looks. Of course, a real Indian headdress is a cultural icon and is very special to native Americans for whom these headpieces are an important part of their identity. That is not what we are about here. We don’t wish to offend anyone. The type of Indian headdress we are talking about here is a replica – just a sense of an Indian headdress of yesteryear, but updated for the fashion catwalk, festivals, and even as a home decor item. These replicas created by Indonesian craftsmen are amazing. The are made from authentic natural feathers, dyed in an amazing array of colors from white headdresses to black indian headderesses, to the red indian headdress, pink feather headdress, and many more bold and stunning color combinations.


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