Indian Headdress Styles

The stylish look of an Indian headdress is being seen everywhere these days. And most people who take to wearing an Indian headdress for a fashion shoot or to a festival mean no disrespect at all to the original wearers of authentic Indian headdresses, or war bonnets.

To wear an Indian headdress on a catwalk or at a music festival is a fashion statement. Everyone realizes that it is not an authentic headdress.

Replica headdresses, or Indian hats as some people call them, are a fun, but fashionable item to add to your wardrobe. They are like other types of hats. They dress up an outfit and can make the outfit look spectacular.

The Indian headdress replica is generally made from real feathers, with real leather accents.

The feathers can be dyed to a multitude of different colors. We see Indian headdress replicas in red, bright pink, various shades of blue and turquoise, bright yellow, greens, black, white and purples, to name a few.

A feather headdress can also look amazing in their natural hues as well, but many buyers like to match their Indian headdress to their particular outfit, so they look color co-ordinated.

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